About us

Our Project

Idemo is a platform that aims to create a space where clubs and players can connect easily, gathering all the information they need from their own and other clubs as from the events happening around the world in real-time. 

 On the one hand, it is a tool to manage your club and know others but also helps you to organize tournaments between clubs, training clubs or managing events to raise funds for your team. On the other hand, we know the cultural exchange only happens when you mix with local people, although this is always hard, but what if you start knowing you each other in a neutral field? why not begin sharing your passion for sports? The idea of Idemo is to use what sport generates to get people closer and know more about every culture. 


Our mission is to match clubs that wish to go on tour abroad with clubs that want to host them. We want these clubs and their members to have strong and memorable experiences during their time together.


Our vision is to ultimately provide all clubs with the tools to efficiently manage their activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis so that their officers and members can focus better on the real purpose of their clubs.


Idemo’s values are integrity, honesty, trust and commitment. Core values that are born from our passion and believe in what we do.

The Team


James Candon


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Dean Furber

Non Executive Director and Commercial Advisor


Hemanandan Raju

Strategy Analyst and Digital Marketer


Eloy aragunde

Head of Operations


Ulrich Michel

Consultant CFO

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Kristian Soltys

IT Manager

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Eva Hernando

Digital Marketing Manager


Beatriz gonzález

Data Analyst